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Kinesiology by Katie

Find your own inner healing

‘Everything is energy.’ Albert Einstein

Human beings have the innate ability to access their own inner healing. Kinesiology is made up of gentle and non-invasive modalities to tap into the body’s own innate wisdom, in order to address imbalances and blockages within that are holding you back in life.

Kinesiologists use muscle monitoring to receive biofeedback from the client, to identify stresses or blockages in their energy systems, in order to assist in bringing the client out of fight, flight or freeze and back into balance physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Having regular Kinesiology balances is a wonderful way to address stress and improve overall wellbeing to bring yourself back into balance to live your best life.

As human beings, our emotional, physical, mental & energetic states are all connected. The following well-known phrases, used to describe our state of being, emphasise this:

  • feeling ‘sick to your stomach’ or having ‘a lump in your throat’ upon receiving bad news
  • getting ‘shivers down your spine’ or your ‘hairs standing on end’ when you are unnerved
  • feeling ‘run down’ or having a low immune system when you are stressed
  • Feeling ‘red with rage’ when something angers you or
  • ‘Jumping for joy’ upon receiving happy news

These are just a few of the many examples that describe how interconnected our physical, mental, emotional and energetic states really are.

Kinesiology literally translates as the ‘Study of Movement.’

As human beings, our bodies are in constant movement:

  • Physically (for example – simply breathing and moving around)
  • Emotionally (for example – from one emotion to the next)
  • Mentally (for example – as one thought or stress moves to the next one)
  • Energetically (for example – our metabolism & the movement of nerve impulses & meridians)

As each person is unique and dealing with different stresses, each Kinesiology session may differ according to what the person is dealing with at the time and according to the techniques of the Kinesiologist.

Kinesiology can assist with various concerns. Some of which may be; stress, physical pain or discomfort, posture alignment, emotional challenges, chakra imbalances, depression, fatigue, brain fog, learning difficulties, insomnia, fears, relationship concerns, self-esteem and more.